Welcome to the St. Clair College Alumni Association Discount Portal

Welcome to the St.Clair College Alumni Association Advantage Card Benefits Website. You will find numerous offers listed here from local businesses within Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex, as well as some Provincial and/or National partners. You will find great deals for home and your travels across Ontario and Canada. Be sure to visit this site regularly to view new offers.

Offers by “Alumni Members” are noted with the St. Clair Alumni Association logo in the top corner of their listing.

National Offers

While traveling throughout Ontario and/or Canada for business and/or pleasure, be sure to check out the following Provincial/National offers that are available to you. Be sure to take advantage of some of the great deals offered here.

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Chatham Offers

Chatham-Kent has lots to offer! The following businesses have come on board to offer you deals within their businesses and services. Browse through the listings here, get to know your discount partners and take advantage of all the wonderful offers available. 

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Windsor Offers

Windsor-Essex is a great city with lots of businesses and services both downtown and all around. For those whom live in this area and those whom visit, I hope you take advantage of the offers presented here made available for all the St. Clair College Alumni.

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